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Jill O'Connor

I'm a hobby potter!  In 2013 I took an Adult Ed Pottery class at the local High School and I loved it, although I was terrible!  From then, I practiced, and practiced. I now have 5 wheels, one of which is a treadle kick wheel from the 1970s, and another is a new Brent which professionals use! I have invested significantly in this "hobby," and love to teach and share.

Pottery is a great escape, wonderful therapy and amazing art. It can also be functional! I love to throw and enjoy different shapes, including fun mugs! The process of throwing, adding handles, cleaning them up, glazing, firing them twice, sanding them and testing them is an amazing transformation from a ball of mud into a work of art that is beautiful and useful.

As I get better, I want to try casserole dishes, bigger pots, and other fun things! I also teach beginner classes - let me know if you are interested.

My teenaged daughter, Cassidy, is also interested in pottery, and has a few items on here. She came up with the "Creative Side" name and likes all forms of art & music. I'm hoping she will manage the site for me :)


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