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Care & Use

Thermal shock

My stoneware is fired to temperatures ranging from 1800º F to 2300º F. High temperature alone shouldn't damage pottery. Thermal shock, which is caused by sudden, concentrated and uneven temperatures, can crack or break pottery.

Avoid rapid, uneven heating and cooling of pottery. Don't run cold water over a hot dish. Don’t place cold pottery on a hot surface or hot pottery on a cold surface. 

Water expands as it freezes and may crack your pottery, so don’t let water freeze in your pottery.

Oven Use

Do not place pottery in a pre-heated oven. Place the pottery in a room temperature oven, then turn up the heat.
Do not remove pottery from an oven and place it directly on a cold surface. Broiler use is never recommended.

Stove top use

My handmade pottery cannot be used on the stove top.

Microwave Use

Although handcrafted pottery may be used in carousel microwave ovens, it is recommended that you heat food in microwave-safe dishes and then transfer it to your handcrafted piece.

Small rapid expansions and contractions over time could weaken the integrity of the pottery.

Dishwasher Use

My pottery is dishwasher safe. Although similar to the microwave, to prolong to life of your pottery, you may want to simply hand wash your piece.

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